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Analog Audio Matrix 4IN - 4 OUT Stereo w/ AUX IN Mute Contact and Zone EQ 1/3 1 Rack Unit

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Product Type: 4-Zone Analog Matrix
Connections: Input: 4x Line-In Stereo 3,5mm Jack 1x Aux-In Stereo 3,5mm Jack 1x Dry Contact In 3,5mm Jack 1x 24V DC Power In Output: 4x Line Out Stereo 3,5mm Jack 5x Link Line Out 3,5mm Jack
Brand: KGear, KGear

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The GM44L is a versatile 4-zone analog audio matrix, perfect for managing multi-zone sound distribution in a variety of applications.

DSP Integration and Remote Programmability

Select models in the GA line, such as the GA46 and GA43, come with integrated DSP processors and are remotely programmable through Powersoft™ ArmoníaPlus software. This enables you to adjust settings, load presets, and optimize your audio system from a distance, ensuring peak performance at all times.

Expandable Audio Systems

Several GA models, like the GA201, offer expandability through linking capabilities, allowing you to connect multiple amplifiers together for increased speaker coverage. This feature ensures that the GA amplifiers can adapt to different audio system configurations, providing tailored solutions for any installation.